Gestalt Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer

About me
Mal Thompson

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, Supervisor, Counsellor, Trainer and Group Facilitator, and have been running my private practice for 20 years. I managed a local charity for 12 years, specialising in dependency and addiction. Alongside this, I held the position of Senior Lecturer on the BA in Humanistic Counselling at University of Chichester. I have been teaching, delivering and designing workshops and training since 1997.

I offer long term, open ended Gestalt Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups. I also offer a short term, brief phase of therapy for those needing to focus on a specific problem or issue.

I offer Clinical Supervision for individuals and groups.

I facilitate long or short term Experiential Gestalt groups for those who wish to develop their awareness and experience in a creative way by exploring their relationships and issues in a group setting.

I have been facilitating Experiential Gestalt groups and groups for those struggling with dependency and addiction; and a variety of themed workshops since 2000.


Individual sessions last for 50 minutes and are on a regular weekly basis. Couple therapy sessions last for 60 minutes.

My current fees are £70 for individual sessions and £80 for couples.

I receive regular supervision in order to support my practice and discuss my work. Client identity remains confidential at all times. All sessions are confidential apart from issues relating to safety.

I am committed to my CPD and regularly attend workshops, conferences and seminars to support my growth and interest.

There are many varied issues and concerns that people bring to therapy

Specialist work

  • Trauma
  • Issues relating to adoption
  • Difficulties with intimacy
  • Working with the embodied experience
  • Mental health concerns,
  • Substance misuse
  • Relationship difficulties, divorce and separation, death, bereavement, loss
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger issues
  • Stress, health problems, sleep disorder
  • Working with dreams

Contact me...

  • 07989 621 488

Dependency & Addictions

  • Alcohol and Drug dependency
  • Eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, over eating, body dysmorphia
  • Addiction to fantasy, sex addiction, porn
  • Gambling, overspending, overworking, self harm
  • Love, choosing an unavailable or unsuitable partner

Most addictive behaviours are responses and coping mechanisms from traumatic situations from early life experience:

  • Emotional and/or physical neglect
  • Violence
  • Sexual/Physical/Emotional abuse
  • Chaotic and/or disruptive caregivers
  • Dependent or Addicted caregivers
  • Illness, Death, Separation, Loss

Couple Therapy

I work with couples in a dialogic and creative way, enabling each partner to experience feeling seen and heard, and to experience being with the other.

I can help with:

  • Conflict
  • Communication difficulties
  • Difficulties with intimacy and sexual concerns
  • Parenting
  • Money and financial concerns

Groups, Workshops and Training

Experiential Gestalt Group Weekend

For those who wish to experience Gestalt in action. The weekend workshop is appropriate for all and provides a safe space for you to explore how you relate to yourself and others in a group setting.

Ongoing Therapy Group

This will be an ongoing group that meets for 2 hours once a week at a regular venue. The group is available for all and provides an opportunity for deep therapeutic work and a sense of belonging.

Embodied Relational Practice Workshops

Our lived body is the mediator of our experience with others. Through our senses we create the relational field. These workshops are for professionals who wish to gain more understanding of how to develop skills through embodied dialogue, to support their clients relational experience.

Dependency and Addiction from a Gestalt Perspective

These workshops are appropriate for professionals who wish to explore the embodied experience of dependency, addiction and need from a Gestalt perspective, whilst developing their creative skills and understanding of how to work with craving, ambivalence and denial.

The Impact of Addiction on Families

For professionals wishing to understand how the challenges and complexities of dependency and addiction impact on the family system, and how to undo the entanglements that maintain powerlessness, stuckness and destructive behaviours.

How to Develop Self Authority as a Therapist

This workshop is for professionals. Its focus is on how to work dialogically and relationally. To develop a direct and clear way of communicating that supports the development of client self awareness, and allows space for the therapist’s phenomenological experience in the room.

The Imprint

Traumatic events in infancy create a lasting Imprint throughout our life. We re-experience and recreate our Imprint in all our relationships, defences, coping strategies and decisions as we go through life. These workshops are open to all and focus on how we experience the relationship with the self, deepening awareness of how we understand ourselves and our processes.

Working with the Super Ego and the Super Ego Ideal

This workshop is open to all. Our Super Ego is formed in infancy and has many specific functions that help us survive, stay safe, receive love and acceptance within our family of origin. As we progress through life, we develop a specific way of being that can dictate how we “should” be. It shows itself by our internal judgements such as criticism, self attack and shame.

Clinical Supervision

I offer individual and group supervision to psychotherapists, counsellors and supervisors, trainee psychotherapists and counsellors.